Note: if the Server is domain server, this task is not necessary to be configured (because in Domain, all Servers synchronize their time to Domain Controller Server)

Just go to Start Menu and Type regedit, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > CurrentControlSet > Services > W32Time > TimeProviders > NtpServer

Find the “Enabled”..set the value to 1 (default 0)

And update the time using command prompt (cmd), and type w32tm /config /update


Then lets see, my Server ip is (the Windows Server IP)

WTF !!!….then later i found it that Windows Server uses SNTP (Simple NTP), Cisco require full NTP version…*sigh*


So…lets search some nice 3rd party NTP software, i personally like Meinberg NTP (google and download it), and install it on our server

My installation file is ntp-4.2.6p5@london-o-lpv-win32-setup.exe

Install…Just next, next, and next…until you found this…

You can enter you preference NTP server, the software will sync to those server, and if those servers fails, this software in your server act like NTP server (for himself)

So i leave it “none”, NEXT…

Leave it default…next

Enter the information anyway you like



DONE….now you can bring your Windows Server act like NTP Server for those damn Cisco Devices…