Recently passed My HCIA Certified Instructor exam. Since I “grow up” with Cisco, I made this cheat sheet table

Cisco vs Huawei CLI comparation




Show Display  
No Undo Delete command
Exit Quit Return to previous system level
Enable System-view Enter privilege mode/configuration mode
Write or copy running-config Save Save the configuration
Show running-config Display current-configuration Show running-config
Show saved-configuration Display save Show saved configuration
Show version Display version  
Erase startup-config Reset startup-configuration Delete saved configuration
Logging synchronous Undo terminal logging For uninterruptible CLI text (eNSP still cant do it correctly)
Banner motd $…$ Header login information $…$ Notification message after connect to device
Banner login $…$ Header shell information $…$ Notification message after login (cisco “banner login” for before login, cisco “banner exec” for after login)
Boot config [nvram:startup-config] Startup saved-configuration [flash:/] Select startup configuration
Boot system [flash:xxxx.bin] Startup system-software [flash:/] Select boot image
Copy tftp flash Tftp [target ip] get [file_name] Retrieve file from tftp
Show ip route Display ip routing-table  
Interface vlan 1 Interface vlanif 1 SVI – switch virtual interface
Line vty 0 4 User interface vty 0 4 Initial telnet configuration
Ip dhcp excluded-address [start_ip] [end_ip]

Ip dhcp pool [dhcp_group_name]

Network [network_address] [subnet_mask]


Dhcp enable

Dhcp server excluded-ip-address [start_ip] [end_ip]

Ip pool [DHCP_POOL]

Network [network_address] [subnet_mask]

Dhcp server ip-range [start_ip] [end_ip]

Dhcp server mask [subnet mask]

Interface giX/X

Dhcp select interface

Enable dhcp (disabled by default)

Exclude ip address from DHCP allocation

Using DHCP global configuration

Specify ip address to allocate

Choose interface for sending ip address (disabled by default)

Interface giX/X

Ip helper-address

Dhcp relay server group [DHCP_GROUP]

Server [DHCP server IP]

Interface giX/X

Dhcp select relay

Dhcp relay binding server group [DHCP_GROUP]

DHCP relay configuration
Interface giX/X

No switchport

Interface giX/X

Undo portswitch

Make L2 port (switched port) into L3 port (routed port)
Vlan 10 Vlan 10 or

Vlan batch 2 10 or

Vlan batch 2 to 10

Vlan 10 creation

Vlan 2 and vlan 10 creation

Vlan 2 to vlan 10 creation

Interface giX/X

Switchport access vlan 10

Interface giX/X

Port default vlan 10

Vlan association to interface
Interface giX/X

Switchport mode trunk

Switchport trunk native vlan 1

Switchport trunk allowed vlan [vlan number]

Interface giX/X

Port-link type trunk

Port trunk pvid vlan 1

Port trunk allow-pass vlan [vlan number]

Change interface mode (trunk or access)

Native vlan configuration

Interface giX/X

Channel-group 1 mode active

Interface eth-trunk 1

Mode lacp

Interface giX/X

Eth-trunk 1

Configuring link aggregation (Etherchannel)
Interface giX/X.10

Dot1q encapsulation 10

Interface giX/X.10

Dot1q termination vid 10

Arp broadcast enable

Sub-interface configuration

By default arp broadcast is disabled

Router ospf 1

Passive-interface giX/X

Ospf 1

Silent-interface giX/X

Passive-interface (disabling routing process for that interface)
Interface sX/X/X

Encapsulation ppp

Interface sX/X/X

Link-protocol ppp

Selecting protocol to use on interface
Access-list 1 permit Acl 2000

Rule 5 permit source

Basic Access-list (ACL) (Cisco standard ACL)
Ip route [next-hop ip] Ip route-static [next-hop ip] Ip static default route configuration
Ipv6 unicast-routing

Ipv6 router ospf

Interface giX/X

Ipv6 ospf 1 area 0



Ipv6 enable

Interface giX/X

Ipv6 enable

Ospfv3 1 area 0

Enable ipv6 features

Enable ipv6 routing OSPFv3