Figure 1. Cisco Unified Communication Architecture

Cisco Smart Business Communication System (Cisco SBCS)

Apaan ni ?? ini jualannya Cisco…semacam program paket..yang isi nya macem2 (ya IP Phone, Cisco IOS nya, Server…digabung dinamakan Cisco blablabla itu)

Taken from CCNA Voice Quick Reference: “Smart Business Communications System is a group of specially designed, integrated devices that can provide high quality routing, firewall, intrusion prevention, Power over Ethernet, wireless, and many WAN and PSTN connectivity options.”

Cisco SBCS ini typically pake:

  1. Switch: 500-series switches (gambarnya dibawah…yang Cuma ada kira2 8 port….switch kecil)
  2. Software & Application: Call Agent Software (ditanem di router..jadi bisa di configure dari CLI Router ato dari Web-Based kek SDM) can support up to 48 phones dan Voice mail and Auto-Attendant functions are provided by the integrated Cisco Unity Express (CUE) application (di Router)

Cisco provides several options for call agents, matched to the size and requirements of the customer (paket yang ditawarin ada 4 nih):

Figure 2. Cisco Smart Business Comm. System

  • Cisco Smart Business Communications System: up to 48 users (untuk small office). The system runs on the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business devices (alatnya liat diatas tuh…ada gambarnya)
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express: up to 240 users and runs on the ISR platforms (Integrated Services Router…Router yang IOS nya uda ada fitur2 Voice nya…nambah biaya lagi untuk beli pastinya…wkwkwk)
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition: up to 500 users and runs as a standalone installation on a 7800-series Media Convergence server (MCS). Isi MCS-nya aplikasi Cisco Unified CM dan Cisco Unity Connection (CUC itu ya isinya fitur mail, voice, messaging, dll…baik hardware maupun softwarenya…satu kesatuan)

Figure 3. Cisco MCS 7845I-3000

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager(ga pake embel2): can handle 30,000 or more users and runs on clusters of 7800-series Media Convergence servers. (1 business edition = 1 cluster / 1 MCS…banyak cluster = Cisco Unified Communications Manager ^_^V)


Apa aja sih aplikasi2 yang bisa kita pake di Cisco Unified Communication ??

Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express (Cisco Unified CM Express)

Apa ini Cisco Unified CM Express ?? ini adalah fitur dari software yang jalan di ISR-series router platforms (including the 800, 1800, 2800, 3800, and 7200-series platforms)

*jangan heran…di dunia jaringan penuh dengan 1001 singkatan…heheheh

Cisco Unified CM Express ini support untuk both H.323 and SIP protocols**, site-to-site connections are possible in a variety of environments. The Unified CM Express system can be set up either as a PBX or a Key switch system, providing customers with a familiar experience that suits their operating environment (jadi bisa di set/dibikin jadi PBX/telepon-analog atau IP Phone)

**H.323 adalah protocol untuk mengalirkan suara, video, dan data lewat jaringan computer…contoh Voice over IP (VoIP)…bagaimana technicalnya (call signaling, controlling, dll)…ga gw bahas disini…1 pembahasan sendiri kek SIP

**SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) adalah signaling protocol untuk mengontrol communication session seperti voice dan video over internet protocol (IP), The protocol can be used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party (unicast) or multiparty (multicast) sessions (ngomong dengan banyak orang)…SIP ini adanya di layer 7 (application layer) jadi mo pake UDP, TCP, SCTP*** dia ga perduli.

***SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) adalah kek semacam hybrid dari TCP & UDP…metode ngirim paket nya kek TCP (reliable) tapi ga sequential/in order kek UDP…jadi memungkinkan untuk memunculkan image dan text secara bersamaan ke web browser…yang dinamakan multi-streaming (capable of streaming packet in parallel way)

Cisco Unity Express (CUE)

Yaitu software yang ketanem di ISR-Router (bisa diupgrade jadi IVR Router-Interactive Voice Response IOS), bisa sampai 250 user, bisa dibikin jadi buat email, voice mail sampe 250-500 (tergantung beli module yang tipe apa).

Bisa ditanem di AIM Module (Advanced Integration Module) atau di NM (Network Module) module. AIM modules are connected to the main board (Router) as a daughter board addition and use flash memory for greetings and message storage. AIM modules therefore have less capacity for storage. NM modules are inserted into module bays in ISR routers, use a hard disk for greeting and message storage, and have greater capacity for storage than AIM modules.

CUE bisa support 4 sampai 16 sesi telepon2an dan sama kek CUCME…bisa d config lewat CLI atau web-browser. Unity Express can be deployed in conjunction with Unified CM or CM Express and can supplement a full Unity deployment.

Figure 4. AIM Module-CUE

Figure 5. NM Module-CUE

Cisco Unity Connection (CUC)

CUC ini bisa digabung dengan Cisco Unified CM Business Edition, klo sampe 500 users, tapi klo jadi standalone…bisa support sampe 3000 users per server (tergantung hardware) bisa digabung dengan Cisco Unity yang lain sampe 10 stack (tipe unity nya apa aja)

Koq bisa ya…klo digabung mala jadi dikit ?!?! klo sendiri mungkin kerjanya ga terbebani dengan proses lain…klo digabung nanti bebatnya berat trus jebol (kaliiii…hahaha)

Cisco Unity

Ini biangnya…dedengkotnya…ini platform nya….support sampe 7500 users per server dan up to 250,000 users in multi-server networked environment (sangat jelas buat enterprise)

Cisco Unified IP IVR

Pertama gw jelasin auto-attendant…apa sih auto attendant itu ??

If you have ever heard: “For service in English, press 1. Pour service en Francais, appuyez sur le 2 . . . ,
“…ini dinamakan auto attendants

Tapi klo banyak yg akses…semuanya nunggu donk…

Typically Call centers that have a high call volume and many possible queues of callers waiting for different agent capabilities can effectively deploy Unified IP IVR to steer callers to the correct agent, prompt-and-collect (“Please enter your 10-digit account number, followed by the # sign”).

Cisco Unified Contact Server

Ada 3 macem:

  • Express = integrated “contact center in a box”…up to 300 agents (call agent)
  • Enterprise = Provides intelligent contact routing, call treatment, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration (CTI), and multichannel contact management. It combines multichannel automatic call distributor (ACD – is a device or system that distributes incoming calls to a specific group of terminals that agents use) functionality. Sophisticated monitoring allows customers to be routed to the most appropriate agent (based on real-time conditions such as agent skills, availability, and queue lengths) anywhere in the enterprise, regardless of the agent’s locationintinya ini super canggih…mungkin Telkom speedy butuh ini kek nya…kadang2 jengkel ama mereka…hahaha (curcol mode: on)
  • Hosted = intinya sama kek Enterprise…Cuma di “outsourcing”…hahaha, bedanya ama enterprise biasa adalah mereka gam au repot ngurus dan maintain itu Aplikasi Contact Server…ya itu..outsource…ke Contact Center Service Provider (ada lagi yaks beginian…ahhaahah)…bukan Internet Service Provider yah…

Cisco Unified Mobility Solutions

  • Cisco Unified Mobility = (a.k.a Single Number Reach) Allows multiple remote destinations (commonly a cell phone, a home office phone, or other work location) to be configured to ring at the same time as the worker’s enterprise desk phone. Thus, when a customer calls your work number while you are on your way to a meeting, your cell phone can ring and you can answer without the customer realizing you are away from your desk. Furthermore, if you return to your desk, you can simply pick up your desk phone and continue the call.


  • Cisco Mobility Voice Access = inti dari teknologi ini adalah…lo telpon customer pake handphone…tapi pas lo call, lo call ke server dulu (enter number dan access code dulu biar ga disalah gunakan)…nanti server bakal forward call lo ke telepon di desk/meja lo..jadi seakan2 lo nelpon dari meja lo (This is useful not only for presenting the preferred Caller-ID number to the customer, but also potentially for long-distance toll savings)
  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator = A desktop PC (or Mac) application that combines a software IP Phone, IM client, video, and online collaboration capabilities. Presence indications (“Busy,” “In a call,” “Away,” “Do Not Disturb,” and so on) can save time and enhance productivity because users can see the status of the person they want to contact before trying to reach them. Integration with an Outlook toolbar provides click-to-call or click-to-chat from a message or contact. (kombinasi IM dan Phone…kombinasi Yahoo Messenger dan Telepon)
  • Cisco Unified IP Communicator = A fully functioned software IP Phone, often characterized as a “7970 under glass.” Users can place and receive calls from their PCs from anywhere that connectivity to the call agent can be established. This is typically achieved through a VPN connection; it is perfectly possible to place a call from a airport boarding lounge or your local coffee shop. Unified IP Communicator can be enhanced with Unified Video Advantage, which integrates a PC webcam for video calls.
  • Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator = An application for smart mobile phones that provides access to enterprise directories, presence indicators, secure text/chat, voice-mail access, call history of any of the user’s phones displayed on the mobile handset, and collaboration and conferencing integration with Unified Meeting Place. (di BB ada juga koq..minta Cisco nya tapi…lo bisa liat status dari IP Phone nya dari HP lo…entah itu mail, voice mail, call history, dll)
  • Cisco Unified Presence =
    A server-based application that extends the on/off hook status monitoring capability of Unified CM 6.x to include IM-like status messages. Status indications can be displayed or integrated with Personal Communicator, Mobile Communicator, IP Phone Messenger, the Microsoft Office Connector, and IBM Sametime Communicator