on the router 2911 with IOS 15.1(4)M4, I want to start Voice over IP features on this router..let’s see

IOS 15

now…i can’t start CME (Call Manager Express) activation because keyword “telephony-service” is disabled

when i see the license…UCK9 (unified communication which is for Voice that neccesary for CME is disabled)

let’s activate it…

IOS 15-2

you can start activate security, data center, voice, and so on with these keyword…

license boot module [router type] technology-package [features]

accept and dont forget to save also reload

IOS 15-3

tomorrow i’ll check with the real equipment (2811 with IOS 15 in my lab)

**now Cisco Router started to sound like Juniper one…all features in one OS

**maybe they encounter alot of bugs if they make different IOS version for each features (i think)

**but business still business…activate = pay…hahaha